Smart Car Management

We Are Changing Drivers' Relationships with Their Vehicles

We enrich drivers' experiences with their vehicles thanks to Comodif technology. 

We make drivers accessible to their vehicles at any time.

We eliminate security concerns.

We create the possibility to build a vehicle ecosystem.

Fleet Management

New Generation Fleet Management with Comodif Technology

Up to 20% fuel saving with Comodif algorithm

Tracking and improving drivers usage patterns

Early fault detection with physical data predictions

Efficient management with real-time vehicle data

Usage Based Insurance

We Redefine the Rules of the Game in the Insurance Industry

Personal insurance with Comodif technology.

Ability to create flexible policies with Pay as you Drive & Pay how you Drive options. Opportunity to stay in contact with your customers 24/7. Insurance and traffic insurance fraud case detection management using real-time vehicle and driver data.

Predictive Maintenance

A New Approach to Classical Car Maintenance Issues

Using the real-time data we receive from your vehicles, we determine the actual maintenance time of the parts. We avoid unexpected and unnecessary costs. As your vehicle data accumulates on the Comodif platform, the efficiency of the predictive maintenance solution also increases.

Car Sharing

Launch Easily Your Sharing Platform

We considered all your requirements for you to provide a quick and easy solution to your customers

Get your ready-to-launch customized and branded vehicle sharing app in a very short time