Make a difference in after sales services with Comodif technology.

  • Up to 20% Increase in Aftermarket Revenues
  • Maintenance service visits decrease by 70% by the end of the warranty period. Connected vehicle technology prevents this by increasing customer loyalty.
  • Strong Relationships
  • Maintaining 24/7 contact with the customer starting with the purchase and maintenance service.
  • Campaign Management
  • A chance to create a new revenue channel and give personalized offers based on driver behaviors and patterns.


Personalized insurance policy with real-time data and Comodif technology.

  • Flexible Policy
  • Opportunity to create a personalized, fair policy offers and reward good driving with usage pattern and driving behavior.
  • Strong Relationships
  • Apart from policy purchasing, renewal, and insurance usage, contact with your customers 24/7 via our mobile application.
  • Process Automation
  • Case detection management for policy and insurance abuse with real-time data.

Enterprise Fleet Operations

New Generation Fleet Management with Comodif Technologies.

  • Fuel Optimization
  • Up to 20% fuel saving with Comodif algorithm.
  • Driver Scoring Table
  • Tracking and improving drivers usage patterns.
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Early fault detection with physical data predictions.
  • Smart Fleet Management
  • Efficient management with real-time vehicle data.


  • Expanding Service Range
  • Enhancing customer loyalty through the app with benefits like roadside assistance, discounts on maintenance services, and paying parking fees easily.
  • New Partnership Opportunities
  • Opportunity to establish 3rd party partnerships with industry leaders (OEM, insurance).
  • New Sources of Income
  • Enhanced opportunities to raise revenue with device and activation fees, and also increased network traffic.