Connected vehicle technology company Comodif, and new generation vehicle tracking and fleet management systems company Fora, take a step in the new cooperation. Now, Fleet managers will both control driver behavior and save up to 20% in fuel consumption. With this solution called Smart Fleet, the two companies plan to have a share from the foreign market.

Comodif, a connected mobility technology company that offers solutions to the new mobility ecosystem, will offer a new generation fleet management experience with Fora Mobil Takip Sistemleri. The Smart Fleet solution, which is planned to be released in June, will make possible to analyze the driver's vehicle usage, make driver scoring, and create a driving scorecard for drivers using real-time data collected from the vehicle.


Thanks to this solution, companies will be able to manage their entire fleets on a single platform and the management panel, and they will be able to make versatile analyzes with the generated reports. With expense and progress payment modules, companies will be able to track the financials of their fleets from the same platform and easily access the identity information of all vehicles in the fleet. The algorithm developed by Comodif, will provide the possibility to save up to 20% in fuel costs.


Comodif CEO Serdar Urçar said about the new cooperation: “There are many players in the vehicle tracking sector in Turkey. However, the new generation fleet services market, which can receive and process real-time data from the electronic networks of vehicles, is still very immature and open to development and growth. While next-generation fleet services are more common abroad, there is still a long way to go. Therefore, we will make a difference with the comprehensive service provided by Smart Fleet. This approach will enable us to reach a worldwide competition level. By the end of the year, we aim to meet 10 strategic fleet customers with our product.”


Mert Serkan Işıklı, the founder of Fora Mobile Tracking Systems, said, “We have combined our forces by sharing our knowledge with Comodif for Smart Fleet. Smart Fleet, based on our own product, also includes the value-added features of Comodif. By minimizing the time spent by our customers on fleet management, we will ensure their growth by turning their focus to their core business. In addition, whenever they need support, we will be just a click away.”